Gutermann Thread

Sewing is a fine art and it is essential to use the right type of gutermann thread for the job in hand. Gutermann thread not only offers quality and strength, the cottons also offer good value and gutermann thread is a popular choice among the sewing fraternity.  Guttermann produces threads that are suitable for both hand and machine sewing and gutermann thread is available in many different types and colours.
  The Gutermann Sew- all thread can be used for all seam work and on all types of material.  It is strong, guaranteed knot free and it can be used for machine and hand sewing, it can be also be used for fine sewing projects.  The one hundred per cent polyester gutermann thread is designed to produce no fibre lint when sewing and it is tear resistant.

Gutermann also manufacture a Recycled Sew All Thread, the 100% recycled polyester thread is flexible and colour fast and Gutermann guarantee that the thread will not twist.  Both types of Sew All thread have an even thickness and can be used with Universal sewing needles 80 -90. Gutermann Sew All thread is available in four different spool sizes ranging from 100m to 1000m and there are a huge range of colours to choose from.
Extra strong threads are needed for heavy duty sewing work and Guterman offer three different threads for this purpose; these include Gutermann Top Stitch Heavy Duty Thread, Gutermann Extra Strong Thread and Gutermann Cotton Thread. Gutermann thread is particularly useful for upholstery or repairing heavy fabrics like denim.  The strong polyester gutermann thread comes in 100 metre lengths and the Gutermann thread company recommend that seamstresses should use a topstitch needle or a size one hundred Universal sewing needle.
 Gutermann Overlocking thread is a very fine semi translucent thread that has been especially designed for using with overlocking machines. The semi- transparent gutermann thread is perfect for overlocking seams and the fibre does not show through on fine light materials after ironing. The gutermann thread is wound onto cones that are sold in lengths of 1000m and 2000m and there are in excess of forty different coloured threads to choose from.
The Gutermann thread company supply a 100 per cent spun silk thread that can be used for hand sewing and machining, the silk thread offers quality and luxury as well as an excellent finish. Gutermann thread is perfect for decorative stitching or fine seaming, gutermann thread is colour fast, soft, supple and extendible.In addition to this the gutermann thread is tear and abrasion resistant and has a certain amount of elasticity. Gutermann recommend using a Universal Needle NM 80. The silken Gutermann thread comes in 100 metre lengths and a variety of colours.
Gutermann manufacture 50wt cotton which is a highly versatile thread and it can be used for machine and hand sewing. The strong cotton thread feels silky to the touch and this mercerised cotton sewing thread is perfect for a hundred and one sewing jobs.  The soft, supple cotton thread is tear resistant, each reel holds one hundred and ten yards of the fine cotton and it comes in a huge range of colours.
Gutermanns manufacture a vast range of threads and some of the most popular have been mentioned above. Gutermann are experts in their field and their specialist threads include linen thread, quilting thread, basting thread, metallic effect thread, elastic thread, jeans thread, darning cotton and transparent thread.  Gutermann produce a fine range of versatile sewing threads at very affordable prices.